About Company

About Company

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company with customers and operations across time zones, a mid-size organization looking to scale up to the next level, or a small business or start-up keen to make a mark in a competitive and dynamic market, you can count on AIMA group, with current international headquarters based in London, England.

Cascade Revenue Management is an established brand of AIMA Group in India. AIMA operate a global hub & spoke business model, the Cascade office' primary function supplies support to AIMA BMS LLC.

AIMA Business and Medical Support LLC is the US brand of AIMA Group Limited, a leading IT-ITES service provider and a multi-national business that has specialized in international operations for 25 years, within the fields of Education, Recruitment, Medicine and Outsourcing located in Sarasota, Florida.  

AIMA Group were mentioned as a success story for our operations in the Philippines alongside brands like Jaguar Motors and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) in a report published by the United Kingdom Board of Trade and Investment (UKTI).

Why choose Cascade and the AIMA Group?

1: Global presence combines UK/USA management with 17 years experience in South East Asia.

Cascade strives for continuous improvement in every aspect of ours, and our client's operation, to grow, achieve and make a positive impact, through efficiency.

2: Standardize your processes; never experience downtime, with dependable 24 hour service.

No matter what industry you operate in, staff turnover, training, re-training, operating costs, efficiency and security are always high on the list of priorities for successful growth and practice. Cascade's service is designed to provide our clients peace of mind in all the areas mentioned and more by learning and standardizing your processes and how they're performed to provide constant, reliable, cost effective support packages. Cascade is always there for you, never sick, nor not available, or on vacation.

3: Cost-effective solutions with full time staff, and no HR responsibilities.

Cascade provides you personalized, full time, dedicated resources, with no HR concerns or responsibilities. Unlike other outsourced service providers, you will never find yourself speaking with a stranger. Our clients are given dedicated team leaders and all staff allocated to your process, will stay with your processes.